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Card Security Update

Lending Center Move

Introducing Our New Referral Program!

New 3 Month CDs!

Members may now enjoy a fixed rate of 4.50% APY on 3 Month Certificates. Click the button below to view all learn more.

Limited Time 7.49% APR1 Boat Loans

Now Supporting The Feeding Kiddos Program

Sno Falls Credit Union locations are now accepting designated food items2 in support of the Feed Kiddos: Weekend Food Backpacks Program, (formerly known as “Backpacks Program”) a program that helps feed hungry children in the Snoqualmie Valley School district.

Extended Phone Support

Stickley on Security

We have adopted a new Security Awareness Training program for all Sno Falls employees called “SoS Powered” by Stickley on Security.

On the first day of each quarter, you’ll receive an email from Stickley with a link to a new, mandatory training course and test. Additionally, periodic phishing simulations will be sent at random to all staff in order to ensure that we are all mindful of potential threats to our infrastructure and data security. 

2024 Holiday Closures

Staff Birthdays

25 – Olivia Fontenot

14 – Michelle Schneider
20 – Linda Trombley
30 – Sheri Waddington

7 – Branden Cooper
28  – Tim Williams
30 – Mary (Board)

Staff Anniversaries

Elizabeth Keating – 5/2/16
Sheri Waddington – 5/2/16
Michelle Schneider – 5/3/21
Jamie Cooper – 5/16/22

Tim Williams – 6/1/14
Lauralee Ritzenthaler – 6/13/16

Stacy Dorn – 7/6/15
Karen Kipper – 7/17/23
Kim Williams – 7/21/97