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How We Went From Small To Mighty

Born and raised in the Snoqualmie Valley. And so proud to serve you.

Hi Neighbor,

Sno Falls is your Credit Union. It has been, ever since opening at the nearby Weyerhaeuser mill in 1957. Our first members were Weyerhaeuser workers who needed a trusted lender. Our first board understood that need, creating a financial institution that kept money in the growing community.

Today, we still make it our priority to uphold those initial core values: to be a trusted, full-service financial cooperative. And all the while, growing with you, providing even better service and products, and the latest technology.

Why A Credit Union
(Instead Of A Bank)

In the US credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that serve their members rather than maximize corporate profits.

As a member-owned institution we focus on providing a safe place to save and manage your money, and borrow — at great rates.

For more about the foundation and values of the credit union movement, you can read:


Timothy W. Williams


Elizabeth Keating, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Abbie Lankford

Chief Experience Officer

Kim Williams

VP/Lending Solutions

Stacy Dorn

VP/Business Development & Community Relations

Geoff Cummins


Meghan Wenzel

VP/Human Resources

Board of Directors

E. Steve Collins, Chair
Shelly Inman, Vice Chair
Carol Lawrence, Secretary
Bart Kelly, Director
Mary Barrett, Director
Kurt Meister, Director

Supervisory Committee

Bart Kelly, Chair
Chris Grina

Mary Barrett
Wendy Larson

The Supervisory Committee is a voluntary, member-based committee, responsible for the safeguarding of member’s assets. The Committee primarily oversees the credit union’s financial reporting objectives, management practices and procedures, and directs internal audit activities to ensure management compliance.

We encourage members to report any concerns to the Supervisory Committee at

You Can Shape The Future Of Sno Falls Credit Union

Help continue the growth and success of Sno Falls in our community and beyond, as a member of our Supervisory Committee. Responsibilities include monitoring and evaluating the quality of our finances, operations and more. (Experience in bookkeeping, accounting, systems analysis and documentation review is helpful.)

Please send questions or submit your name to: