Did you know that you can enjoy 55,000 surcharge free ATMs with your Sno Falls card? Conveniently use your card for fee free transactions at locations such as CVS, Safeway, and Circle K through an Allpoint ATM.

What should I do if the Allpoint ATM asks that I accept the surcharge? The ATM does not know your card participates in Allpoint until the transaction is completed. This is why you see the “surcharge-screen”. As long as you are using your Allpoint card, and the ATM shows up on our network you will not be charged. Simply press “Accept” and complete your transaction. For more information on Allpoint ATMs, please visit this link.

Please contact us during regular business hours to request a debit limit increase for the weekend. Requests must be completed by Friday at 5 P.M.

Daily limits for ATM withdrawals and POS sale are both set to $1,000.00. Daily limits for transactions ran as Credit are set to $2,500.00.

For cards blocked due to possible fraudulent transactions, please call CO-OP (our card processor) at 1-888-241-2440 to confirm the validity of your transaction. When a transaction is flagged as potential fraud, CO-OP will alert you by phone call or text message.

Check and cash deposits can be completed at one of our ATMs (see ATM locations above). $225.00 is released at the time of deposit and the remaining amount is on hold for two business days. Deposits can also be put into a Night Drop at either branch to be processed the following business day.

Please reach out to our Frontline Team for additional alternatives to in-branch transactions.