SnoFalls@Home is your online banking platform allowing 24x7 access to accounts and free bill pay. SnoFalls@Home can be accessed with the button at the top right of our website or by navigating to

Features Overview

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Setting up your SnoFalls@Home access is easy, just follow a few simple steps.

Pay Bills Online

When using SnoFalls@Home Online Banking, you have secure 24x7 access to our free bill pay system. Bill pay allows you to make one-time, recurring, and scheduled payments to individuals and businesses as well as sign up for e-bills all from your internet-connected computer.

Getting Started

Getting started with Sno Falls Free Bill Pay is simple. Just log in to SnoFalls@Home Online Banking and choose the "Bill Pay" tab from the top menu. Verify your personal information is correct and hit the "Accept" button. You will then have access to add payees and manager your bills.


If you have any questions or need further assistance with SnoFalls@Home or Online Bill Pay, please give us a call or send us and e-mail using our contact information in the blue box on the left or on our contact us page.

View Electronic Statements and Notices

You can access your Sno Falls Credit Union statements and notices directly online using our eStatement system. Simply choose "eStatements" from the "Account Access" tab once you are logged in to online banking. Remember that accessing eStatements will stop your paper statements and notices from coming in the mail and you will be alerted via e-mail when you have a new document ready for viewing.

Home Banking Security Features

  • PIN Number: This is a PIN number used as an access number to access SnoFalls@Home Online Banking as well as SnoFalls Express Teller.
  • Random Security Code: This is a random code used when logging into SnoFalls@Home. The purpose is to defeat automated programs from trying brute force attacks on Account/PIN combinations.
  • Personalized Background Image: Users have the ability to select an image for their background.
  • Secure Browser Sessions: All transmitted information is encrypted and transferred securely.
  • Log on Timeout: After a period of inactivity you will be automatically logged out of the system.
  • Security Key: The user enters a short quote, the quote is then displayed on all pages.
  • Internet Banking Statistics: Log in and usage statistics are available. This can be used to track if anyone has gained access to an account by identify odd logins.
  • User Color Settings: The theme of the home banking site is customizable, gives a personal preference and another verification of the authentic home banking site.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Requires the user to answer a security questions when logging in.

Check Account Balances

Simply log in to SnoFalls@Home and you will see a summary of your accounts along with their balances. Clicking on the title of a share within your account will bring up recent transaction history.

Transfer Funds

Transferring funds between shares is a snap. First, select "Account Transfer" from the left navigation menu. From the drop-down lists, select the "From" account and the "To" account. Next, enter an amount to transfer. After you verify that all information is correct, press the "Transfer Funds" button to continue. Finally, at the confirmation screen, press the "Confirm Transfer" button to make the funds transfer.

Set Up Account Alerts

Account Alerts send real-time notifications, via SMS text or E-Mail, when certain pre-configured conditions are met. Simply set up the account or transaction activity conditions that you would like the system to "tell you when" and you will be notified immediately when the condition is met.

Notification examples are: account balance thresholds, transaction conditions, and check status. In addition, the system can be set up to send you a date-driven reminder for whatever reasons you would like (E.g. birthday, taxes due, stop the mail, etc.).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our online banking system or you are experiencing difficulties.

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